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Our starter are served with salad & chips


Our rice is steam-cooked fresh every day using only the finest quality basmati rice


our breads are cooked fresh to order in a tandoori clay oven


Basmati rice finely spiced then stir fried with onions and peppers cooked with a meat of your choice. served with mix vegetable sauce and salad.

Tandoori Dishes

all our tandoori dishes are freshly grilled in a clay oven using the finest quality meat. Served with rice salad and tikka masala sauce.

Azaad Specialty Dish

this dish is cooked fresh fro the start and can take up to 30 minutes - please allow time. Rice not included. Not part of any meal

Chef's Specialties

Rice not included.

Old Favourties

Rice not included

Side Dishes


European Dishes

All europen dishes are served with salad and chips

Kids Meal

All meal come with sweet, Juice


The bread for our wraps are freshly prepared and cooked from scratch by our chef as ordered. all wraps can also be served with garlic mayonnaise. BBQ sauce, red chilli sauce or orange tangy sauce


Our burgers are served with salad & relish or mayo


(mega monster kebab) Served on naan bread with salad & sauce




folded over pizza

Pizza Side


All kebabs are served with salad and kebab sauce, garlic mayo also available on request. Separate salad or sauce will be charged 50p.

Set Meals

Weekly Meals

Monday to Thursday

Munchie Box